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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Global Warming Lobbyist

Are you an experience organizer looking to lobby Congress to stop global warming?


Greenpeace is seeking passionate, driven, articulate, lobbyists for our campaign to pass strong national legislation to stop global warming.

The Lobbyist will assist in Greenpeace USA’s campaign to stop global warming through:
- Developing and executing a strategic legislative plan.
- Expediently building expertise in global warming policy.
- Advancing a winning strategy to build support for binding science based global warming legislation.

Americans are seeing the impacts of global warming in their daily lives and making changes like buying more energy efficient appliances, changing light bulbs, and driving less. These small, everyday actions count, but we need leaders in Congress who are ready to tackle global warming by supporting the growth of clean, renewable energy like wind and solar, committing to ending the development of dirty coal-fired power plants and dangerous nuclear energy, and limiting how much global warming pollution gets dumped into our air.

There are growing opportunities to address global warming in Congress. Greenpeace’s Global Warming Lobbyist will advance the strongest science based solutions and defend against steps that are insufficient, such as dirty and dangerous distractions like coal and nuclear power. The lobbyist will join Greenpeace’s global warming team in helping to develop and implement our legislative strategy.

- Assist development and implementation of Greenpeace’s lobbying strategy
- Develop and maintain relationships with Members of Congress and their staff
- Assist in quickly interpreting new legislative proposals and legislative actions into digestible and easily understood bullet points for field and media use.
- Track global warming legislation in the House and Senate and provide update to staff,
- Assist with writing and editing news releases, opinion editorials, letters to the editor, other media materials generated by the DC legislative team

- At least three years experience in a full-time direct lobbying position
- Excellent communication skills including public speaking, written and oral
- Experience in successful press work
- Critical and strategic thinking abilities
- Able to keep a level head in a fast-paced campaign environment
- Commitment to strong science based solutions to global warming without compromise
- BA/BS Degree preferred or equivalent experience.

The Global Warming Lobbyist is accountable to the SeniorGlobal Warming Lobbyist

Location: Washington DCTo

Apply: send resume and cover letter to Anna Wagner:

Preferred application deadline May 23rd.

Applications accepted until position is filled.

Greenpeace encourages all interested persons to apply, regardless of sex, race, religion, national origin disabilities or sexual orientation.

Source: Greenpeace

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