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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Climate Change and The Student Movement: UK Conference 6/7th June in Brighton

On friday the 6th and saturday the 7th of June a large climate change conference specifically for students is being held in Brighton. This could be a very important moment for UK student engagement in climate change. Judging by the groups and people involved it is going to be a very big deal. Registration is available now on the website, open until 31st of May.Speakers will include George Marshall of COIN, Caroline Lucas MEP and speakers from Greenpeace, People and Planet and many others. The idea is to build an agenda for campaigning during o8/09. Now is the time to get things moving in a big way.

Main conference ticket fri/sat - £8 - Includes all listed workshops, keynotes and Fri crash pad accommodation. Book online now @

Extra option: Award Winning Coin Speaker Training on Sunday at the massively reduced price of £8 for the day or book the whole weekend for just £14 (limited places)

Fri/Saturday Timetable Includes:
The state we're in: science from the front line. (Caroline Lucas MEP)
Overcoming climate denial (George Marshall)

Biofuels (Biofuel watch) -
Ethical Consumption: The Solution to What? -
The Trouble With Offsetting (Carbon Trade Watch) -
The Nuclear Option (Greenpeace) -
Corporate Social Responsibility and its green limits (corporate watch) -
Zero Carbon Britain: an alternative energy strategy (Zero Carbon Britain) -
Contraction and Convergence: a global solution? (GCI) -
Political Systems: Capitalism, Socialism or Anarchy? -
Eco-nomics? (New Economics Foundation) -
Running Effective Meetings and Negotiations -
How to use the Media (New Internationalist) -
Planning Your Campaign (People and Planet)-
Non-Violent Direct Action (Seeds for Change) -
What Role Does The N.U.S have in fighting Climate Change? -
Campaigning Success: Food and Flights in Universities (Food 4 US and Eco-Uni) -
The Importance of Universities in the Climate Campaign and what you can do about it -
Students: Working with Workers (Workers Climate Action)-

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