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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Warning of climate change menace

An international conference on global warming has warned time is running out to avoid "abrupt and irreversible" climate change.

A major scientific report has shown the Earth is heading for a warmer age at a quickening pace because of human activity.

The evidence is in the warming of air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting snow and ice and rising sea levels.

United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon has warned the world must work together to fight the menace of climate change.

Mr Ban said "Concentrated and sustained action can still avoid some of the most catastrophic scenarios."

Responding to the information contained in the report, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said developed countries "must show leadership and take the first and largest responsibility".

Mr Brown will set out in the next few days various ways in which he believes emissions can be cut.

The report by a Nobel-winning UN scientific panel, will be used by political negotiators to begin talks on a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, the action plan for controlling greenhouse gas emissions.

It is the result of six years of research compiled by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and declares that climate systems have already unquestionably begun to change.

The report warns that hunger and disease will be more common, droughts, floods and heat waves will afflict the world's poorest regions, and more animal and plant species will vanish, unless action is taken.

Source: ITN

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Ethan said...

It's not about CO2 it's about ozone depletion, the evidence for CO2 fell away yet the evidence for climate change grew? We have been accusing greenhouse gasses for so long we didn't know what else there could be, so we kept accusing greenhouse gases like CO2. In the late 1940's the temperature fell for 5 years while both CO2 and solar variance were rising thus ruling them out plain and simple. Yet what did happen was the largest shift in man made radio frequency propagation through the atmosphere. The IPCC has overlooked the fact that our global temperature has been following the rise in broadcast technology for 100 years. It was discovered 30 years ago that radiowaves from a scientific broadcast transmitter could stimulate a known ozone depletion mechanism called electron precipitation. The US knows this and that's why they won't join CO2 restrictions. Don't buy into CO2 until we run tests on electron precipitation. CFC levels have dropped since 2000, but largest ozone hole on record was October 2006! There are two things we put into the atmosphere air and radio pollution, you have to recognize broadcast and it's effects on the environment. Not to do so is blind!!

Broadcast Theory