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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Asian Young Leader Climate Forum

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British Council and WWF-Indonesia invites Asian Young Leaders’ to join Asian Young Leaders’ Climate Forum British Council and WWF-Indonesia invites Asian young leaders’ aged 18 – 30 yrs, committed to aspects of the climate change debate (ie. Mitigation, adaptation and communicating behaviour change) and able to communicate effectively and convincingly in English to join Asian Young Leaders’ Climate forum (AYLCF), at 4 – 7 December 2007 in Bogor, West Java.
AYLCF will involve countries in Asia Pacific e.g. Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Burma, China, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, and also UK.
Each country will send 2 young leaders to join in this 4 day program with presentation, workshop and cultural activities culminating in production of an action plan which will be taken to Bali COP for dissemination to a wider audience.
The young leaders would come from young politicians, influential regional scientist, social scientist, young leaders in NGO groups, interested journalist, young business leaders, young lawyers, and other professional and student leaders. All would have a bit of a track record in the field.
13th COP will take place in Bali in December 2007. The fact that climate change is a long-term phenomenon, early awareness amongst tomorrow leaders and their commitment to action will mean the world will be in a better position to meet the challenges being faces.
Through AYLCF, young leaders could demonstrate to the world that the young leaders of Asia are playing their part in tackling this global problem.

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